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CICRA receives a number of complaints and matters of concern raised by licensees or members of the public. Many of these are dealt with without a need for investigation. In some cases CICRA will undertake to investigate matters further either formally or informally.  This webpage provides an overview of those cases that either arose in 2015 or where there are matters that remain outstanding. Accountability and transparency are key principles of good practice in regulation.The cases below and their current status is intended to inform parties of progress consistent with those principles.

It is important to note that an investigation by CICRA does not necessarily mean that the licensee has contravened its licence or other regulatory requirements. Not all investigations will result in CICRA finding that there have been breaches of licence conditions or other regulatory requirements.

There may be circumstances where it is not appropriate to publish a case in order to avoid compromising the investigation or confidential information. Where this is the case an entry will not appear on this page.

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Case No.DescriptionDate RegisteredDate of DecisionCurrent Status
T1225GJ Consideration of levels of consumer protection offered in the Channel Islands. In particular, minimum service levels offered for telecommunication services, any exceptions to these, and the compensation/refunds which will be offered if they are not met.24/03/17Service Standards Under Review
T1149J Complaint against JT (Jersey) Limited - Alleged failure to comply with licence notification obligations in launch of JT One offers.21/05/201511/02/16The JCRA has found that JT (Jersey) Limited contravened its Licence Condition 33 when it launched its JT One products.

JT launched JT One as a product offering bundled services.  JT is required, under the terms of its licence, to alert the JCRA and other operators 21 days before any proposed new service/offer comes into effect.

In addition to finding that JT contravened its licence, the JCRA fined JT £3000 and directed JT to take steps to ensure compliance.
T1121G Complaint against Sure (Guernsey) Limited - Alleged anti-competitive features of broadband and landline offer and failure to comply with licence notification obligations.05/03/2015Offer voluntarily withdrawn by Sure (Guernsey) Limited. Case closed 22 April 2015.
Note: JT (Guernsey) Ltd, on 12 October 2015, queried this finding and the matter was revisited. Failure to publish within the required time was not proven. Case closed 25 November 2015.
T1121J Complaint against JT (Jersey) Limited - Alleged anti-competitive features of JT National Call Bolt-on and Promotional Offer02/02/201501/05/2015Case closed. Offer voluntarily withdrawn by JT (Jersey) Limited.
T1113J Complaint against JT (Jersey) Limited - Alleged discrimination in provision of copper wholesale broadband interconnect product(s).16/12/201405/01/2015Case closed. Complaint not upheld
T1112J Investigation of JT (Jersey) Limited - Potential risks to competition in the operation of fibre broadband router subsidies when customers switch provider.16/12/201414/12/2015Final Notice issued by CICRA (15/50). See Publications webpage.
T1122J Investigation of JT (Jersey) Limited - Alleged undue preference or unfair discrimination in marketing of retail services during fibre installation process12/11/201407/11/2014Upheld. Licence contravention by JT (Jersey) Limited. Final decision issued with formal undertaking given by JT (Jersey) Limited.
T1058J Complaint against JT (Jersey) Limited - Alleged anti-competitive pricing of broadband services in Jersey18/06/201423/06/2016Upheld. Licence Condition 34 contravention by JT (Jersey) Limited. Final decision issued 23 June 2016

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