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Postal services play a vital role in contributing both to the social and to the economic life of the Jersey and Guernsey, with particular importance in ensuring the competitive position of the islands. CICRA's aim is to drive forward improvements in quality of service, affordability, and competitiveness in the interests of domestic and business consumers alike while ensuring the delivery of universal service is maintained.

The GCRA is charged with licensing postal activities in Guernsey by the Post Office (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2001.

The JCRA is the licensing and enforcement authority under the Postal Services (Jersey) Law 2004. The Law abolishes the formerly exclusive privilege of the States of Jersey in the provision of domestic postal services and seeks that postal services are provided to satisfy all current and prospective demands for them.

Under the Jersey postal law, the regulator and the Minister for Economic Development must ensure that postal services are provided, both within Jersey and between Jersey and the rest of the world. In addition the JCRA and the Minister also have a secondary duty to promote, wherever it is considered to be in the best economic interests of Jersey, competition within the postal services market in Jersey.

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