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Guernsey Electricity North Side
Licence to provide electricity services in the Bailiwick of Guernsey (renewed).
Licence and Conditions

1 February 2012N/A

Application Forms

Document OUR02/16 sets out the procedures for applying for a licence to generate electricity in Guernsey. The document briefly describes the services that require a licence and provides reference to more detailed information documents to assist interested parties in considering whether they require a licence.

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Application Process

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Licence Fees

Annual Fee for Generation, Conveyance and Supply Licences
Guernsey Electricity Ltd currently has a monopoly on the conveyance and supply of electricity in Guernsey and holds licences for these activities as well as a licence to generate electricity. The licence fee payable by Guernsey Electricity Ltd for its three licences – to generate, convey and supply electricity in Guernsey – is £180,000 per annum. This fee is set until further notice as described in Document OUR 04/08

Application Fee for Generation Licences
The electricity generation sector in Guernsey is open to competitive entry. The application fee for an electricity generation licence is £10,000 and must be submitted along with an application form which is available in Document OUR 02/16. In the event of interest in entering the electricity generation market, CICRA will consider an appropriate level of annual fee to be paid by any new entrant.

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