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Competition law seeks to protect free, open and fair competition in the marketplace. Open and vigorous competition is good for Channel Island consumers because it results in lower prices, new products of a better quality and more choice. It is also good for fair-dealing businesses, which flourish when markets are competitive.

In the Channel Islands, the Competition (Jersey) Law 2005 and The Competition (Guernsey) Ordinance, 2012, prohibit anti-competitive behaviour, including anti-competitive agreements between businesses and the abuse of a dominant position in a market. They also require certain mergers and acquisitions to be notified to CICRA for approval. The laws apply to all individuals and businesses, trades and professional associations, States departments and public bodies insofar as they are carrying on commercial activities.

The legislation requires us to deal with competition questions in Jersey and Guernsey in a manner consistent with treatment of similar questions under competition law in the European Union.

Making a Complaint

We encourage business and consumers with evidence of anti-competitive behaviour to provide these grounds in the form of a complaint. We will then assess the complaint to see if there are to commence an investigation.

For more information, including how to make a complaint see Guideline 8 - How to make a complaint

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