channel islands competition regulatory authority

Legal Framework

Primary Legislation

These primary laws deal with the regulation of the postal and telecoms sectors, and competition law, in Jersey and Guernsey, the regulation of the electricity sector in Guernsey and the regulation of port operations in Jersey.

Secondary Legislation

Secondary Legislation contains Orders, Ordinances, Regulations and other secondary legislation made by the States of Jersey and Guernsey under the primary laws to bring the regulatory regime into force.

States Directions

The States of Jersey, may, if they consider that it is in the public's interest (including in the economic interests of the Islands) to do so, direct the JCRA in respect of the principles, procedures or policies to be followed in relation to

  • the implementation of any social or environmental policies in respect of telecommunications.
  • the implementation of any social or environmental policies in respect of postal services or philatelic services
  • corporate governance relating to the system and arrangements by and under which the Authority is directed and controlled

The States of Guernsey may issue Directions of a strategic or general nature, including directions concerning the priorities to be taken into account by it in the exercise of its functions under the provision of the Competition (Enabling Provisions) (Guernsey) Law, 2009.

There are four distinct areas in which the States may issue directions including:

  • The identity of the first licensee in each sector to have a universal service obligation included in its licence
  • The scope of the universal service obligation in each sector
  • The extent and duration of any exclusive rights in each sector, and as a result the pace of the introduction of competition
  • Any actions necessary arising from international obligations

Directions are published in the Billet for debate in the States of Deliberation. Where the States resolves to issue a Direction this is recorded in the States Resolutions arising from that meeting.  The States Directions that have been issued to date can be read in the following document: CICRA 12/14.

The formal text of the resolutions is available from the Government website at The resolutions refer to the original reports debated in the States and these can also be accessed on the States of Guernsey website. Two relevant policy letters published in 2001 can be found here:

Memorandum of Understanding

In December 2010, the GCRA (formerly the OUR) and the JCRA signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

These are not final or approved texts and no liablity is accepted for the accuracy of them.

Service Level Agreements

The JCRA and GCRA have entered into service level agreement with their sponsoring States departments. The text of those agreements can be found below

Guernsey - Service Level Agreement between the GCRA and the Commerce and Employment Department

Jersey - Service Level Agreement between the JCRA and the Chief Minister's Department

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